Lipstick - WIP

Pattern by Joji Locatelli


Next I need to do enough inches of stockinette to work on the short rows for the back.

Snow Day

It snowed! I haven’t seen snow in a few years, so I wanted to stomp around and get some pictures today. I added the Ruby design to these mittens, and they are quite popular since I’ve been working in Ruby on Rails at my most recent job and in my free time.

Knitwear pictured: Jane in 220 Superwash by Cascade Yarns. Raein Tough Love Sock by SweetGeorgia Yarns.
Red is Best in Cascade 220 by Cascade Yarns.

Coincidentally, all these patterns were designed by Jane Richmond. I’ve knit quite a few of her patterns.


Pattern by Joji Locatelli

I really wanted to knit another long or cabled sweater, but I realized I’m short on yardage. For now, the best option is knitting a different sweater that uses less yarn. I’d still like to eventually knit either L’Acadie Cardigan (probably with narrower front bands) or Plowman Cardigan (probably with modified sleeves).

Still, I’m looking forward to knitting Lipstick. I’d like to have more short row practice, and I always love patterns that show off twisted rib.

After doing some research, I need to decide if I want to turn the cardigan into a henley. I probably ought to stick to the cardigan since I wanted to knit one when I started planning which pattern to choose. I’m definitely going to make longer sleeves if I have enough yarn. I think that’s a really useful modification for winter sweater wearing.

I already wound my yarn, so the next step is learning how to crochet a provisional cast on around the needle.

January Hat: Just the Tip - FO

Just the Tip


Pattern by Alexandra Tinsley


Manos del Uruguay Maxima – Shocking
Manos del Uruguay Maxima – Slate

Purchased at Eat.Sleep.Knit


None, but the pompom turned out bigger than intended


As soon as Alex Tinsley tweeted her new pattern, Just the Tip, I new this was the hat I wanted to make for January. I accidentally ended up buying three other patterns at the same time: Rooty, A Most Bespeckled Hat, and Chutes, and also Ladders. I’m pretty excited about making all of them.

One reason I was really excited about knitting this pattern was because I needed a reason to use up some of my leftover neon pink yarn that I bought for my Safety Scarf. I didn’t want to knit anything that used hot pink as the main color, so this hat is perfect.

This is currently my favorite hat!

2014 Hat Calendar

I was inspired to knit (at least) one hat per month in 2014 while talking to Liz Abinante and Alex Tinsley on Twimtter. I love knitting hats, and I’d definitely do a year long knit-a-long if it was hat themed and organized by a designer I like. I don’t think there is one, so I’m making my own.

I think I can accomplish this pretty easily with patterns in my Ravelry library (since apparently there are 171 options) but if I need any others, I know there are some Dull Roar hats (desgined by Alex Tinsley) that urgently need knitting.

Knitting Goals for 2014

It’s a new year + new blog, and that means it’s time for some new knitting goals.

Goals for 2014:

Bear sweaters will be submitted to the Atlanta Knitting Guild project for the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

I was going to include a goal that involves buying less yarn, but since I’ve already failed at that one, I’ll make a more realistic goal later.

Coincidentally, my friend Katy also wants to knit a sweater this year, so we’re going to work on our sweater projects at the same time. I still need to decide what to make.