Finished Ravellenic Games 2014

Today is the last day for the games, and I know I won’t be finishing the scarf I’m working on now, so I submitted all the information needed for the events I completed. It was a little tedious to submit everything, but it was easy. Next year I need to remember to take note of the time I finished a project as well as the date. I was able to determine an approximate time for the projects I completed, but it would have been easier to record the time in my notes. It would also be better to enter an event immediately after finishing each project rather than waiting until the last minute. Next time I’ll be more organized.

I intended to complete

  • WIPs Dancing: Finish a pair of Thoroughbred fingerless gloves on my needles
  • Aerial Unwind: Frog my unfinished Color Craving
  • Hat Halfpipe: Varia
  • Cross Cowling: Volutissimo
  • Free Dancing: Undecided, but I could easily make another bear sweater

I actually completed

These projects allowed me to apply for eight medals.

I had trouble deciding which colors to use for the Varia hat, so I went with a different pattern. My Topographie project is also my hat for February.

I’m not sure if I really want to participate next year, but if I do, I ought to plan ahead and choose my projects as wisely as possible. I started working on a Farthing scarf, and I wasn’t able to knit it quickly enough. I could have finished something else, but I didn’t have a great plan for choosing projects. I just knit what I wanted to work on.