One Suitcase Wardrobes

I was reminded of the “One Suitcase” series on when I was looking at some other blog posts, and I realized this is a great guide to cleaning out my closets. Going through all of my clothes and reducing what I have is one of my goals for 2014, and honestly, I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the process. I think having some structure to making decisions and identifying weak spots in my wardrobe will help me a lot.

Despite not being directly related to knitting, thinking about clothing and outfits is really important. Sometimes I forget to ask myself if I’m buying yarn that I will actually wear later, and even though I’m getting better at planning what I’ll wear, I don’t have a clear idea of what my wardrobe should be.

There are eight different suitcase collections on the Outfit Posts site, and I thought it would be easiest to start with the winter vacation set, and the beach vacation guide should be an excellent guide to choosing clothes for this summer.

I rarely wear business casual clothes, and my current collection is both outdated and lacking focus, so I’ll keep what I can and start building something better. If I build these three wardrobe areas, I should be much happier with my closet.