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Sweetgeorgia Yarns Superwash Worsted – Riptide

Purchased at Eat.Sleep.Knit




I picked this project for several reasons. I was trying to find a project that fit the criteria for the EatSleepKnit Yarnathon event for the first quarter of 2014. The challenge was to knit something with ESK yarn that used a skill that’s new to you. I chose to use my lovely Sweetgeorgia Yarn to knit this cowl with dropped stitches. I’ve knit lace projects, but not dropped stitches. I was a little disappointed because I still want to try dropped stitches that require me to drop the stitch multiple rows, but this was still a good experience.

I also wanted to knit this for the Ravellenic Games. I picked a cowl because I didn’t have any plans for that category. I had a hard time choosing between a cowl with dropped stitches and a scarf with dropped stitches.

The only problem I had was caused by my brilliant idea of alternating skeins because the two skeins I bought looked pretty different. One had much more saturated colors. I foolishly tried to alternate past one of the dropped stich rows, and it looked really bad. When I got halfway done, I stopped alternating because I was tired of it. After binding off, I went back and did surgery on the first dropped stitch row. I was able to make it look much better by cutting the yarn that was too tight and zig-zagging some new yarn though that section.

Unblocked cowl

After blocking picture