Ravellenic Games 2014

I wasn’t planning to participate in this year’s Ravellenic Games. I really wasn’t. I’ve never paid attention to the games in previous years, so I wasn’t even sure what was involved other than people form teams for it. This year I ended up planning to earn a few medals at the very last minute.

Initially, I just wanted to give to a good cause. Alex Tinsley announced she was donating a portion of every colorwork purchase to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and I figured that since I wanted to buy some of these patterns anyway, today is the day to give her my money. I’m planning to knit more of her hats when I knit a hat each month, and I can probably knit only Dull Roar hats for the entire year. It’s very likely that will happen.

After lots of pondering and looking at pictures, I decided to add Varia, Zam Hat, Snoway, and Petoncle to my library.

I was very happy with my impulsive pattern purchases (as I always am), and I started planning which hat I want to knit for February. I settled on Varia for reasons that I’ll write about later, but Petoncle is similar enough that I may switch to it depending on the colors I have.

It occurred to me that surely there is something in the Ravellenic Games that requires me to knit a hat. I can knit hats all day. I went to the Ravellenic Games group on Ravelry and looked at the events. Not only was there a hat event, but there are quite a few events that fit projects I was planning to knit anyway! Of course there are more events I wish I had time to do as well, but I’m attempting to be reasonable.

The green events this year

  • Aerial Unwind
  • Alpine Abode Enhancement
  • Bag Jump
  • Cross Cowling
  • Flying Camel Spin
  • Free Dance
  • Giant Slalom-ghan
  • Hat Halfpipe
  • Mitten Moguls
  • Scarf Super-G
  • Short Track Shawls
  • Sidecountry Challenge
  • Sock Hockey
  • Sweaterboard Cross
  • Toy Tobogganing
  • WIPs Dancing

I intend to complete

  • WIPs Dancing: Finish a pair of Thoroughbred fingerless gloves on my needles
  • Aerial Unwind: Frog my unfinished Color Craving
  • Hat Halfpipe: Varia
  • Cross Cowling: Volutissimo
  • Free Dancing: Undecided, but I could easily make another bear sweater

If I have time, I’d also like to complete

  • Bag Jump: Design a growler carrier
  • Sidecountry Challenge: I ought to figure out what to do with my abandoned Sky Scarf
  • Mitten Moguls: Mittens!

The more I look at the list, the more events I want to do. I think I can accomplish what I want to do for the games, but I also need to continue working on my Lipsick sweater. I’m getting close to the section where I need to start the short rows for the back edge.

Also, I already feel guilty that none of my Ravellenic Games plans involve working on my Master Knitting packet. Maybe I should make some changes so I have Free Dancing or Sidecountry Challenge plans with specific progress goals for the program. I have my materials, but I haven’t started working on anything yet.